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JSONAPI::Resources (or “JR”) was initially developed by Larry Gebhardt and Dan Gebhardt for use on projects at Cerebris, the small company they own and run together. JR was developed in concert with the JSON:API specification, for which Dan is a primary author. Many aspects of JSON:API were battle-tested first in JR.

Larry and Dan realized that JR would have general appeal with a little bit more work, so they decided to release the project under the MIT license for use by the Rails community. Little did they realize how much time that “little bit of work” would take!

While the rapid adoption of the project by the Rails community has been gratifying, it has also come with costs, both in terms of adding features unneeded by Cerebris (but very useful for other projects) and in time to support the community.

Supporting a project of this scope has been very costly for a two person company. Larry and Dan could really use the financial support of the community to continue developing new features and providing responsive support.

Please consider sponsoring JSONAPI::Resources if you are using the project in a revenue generating product. This will help ensure that JR is actively developed, maintained, and supported. In turn, we’ll be glad to highlight you as a sponsor of the project on this site.

You can support JSONAPI::Resources with a recurring contribution through Patreon or with a one-time contribution through SquareCash or Paypal.

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